Klapton Insurance Careers

At Klapton Insurance Zambia, our philosophy is centered around creating opportunities for talented, dynamic, and skilled professionals to showcase their abilities. Our organization is led by a committed and knowledgeable executive management team, entrusted with the task of selecting proficient and experienced personnel to oversee different departments of the company, whether through professional hires, graduates, or interns.

Your development

Being a part of Klapton Insurance Zambia (KIZ) means you have the privilege of accessing a diverse array of development opportunities, talent programs, and learning experiences that will nurture your personal and professional growth. We place great importance on recruiting, training, developing, and retaining individuals who possess the right values and skills to drive the company towards its strategic goals. At the core of Klapton is a motivated and well-managed workforce, where employees find enjoyment in being part of the team and are duly rewarded with competitive compensation and benefits.

Working Environment

At Klapton, we prioritize a seamless and efficient onboarding experience for our employees. We have designed a customized induction process that aims to provide new hires with a strong foundation and a smooth transition into their roles at KIZ. This aligns with our fundamental corporate objectives of recruiting and nurturing a capable and driven workforce. From the initial interaction with prospective employees, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive and welcoming experience throughout their journey with us.


Sales Representatives

In this role, you will be responsible for selling our products/services to potential customers, building and maintaining client relationships, and achieving sales targets.

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