Your vehicle is an indispensable part of your life.
Protect it with comprehensive motor insurance.

Comprehensive motor insurance offers the most extensive coverage for your vehicle, protecting it against theft, hijacking, damage resulting from accidents, fire, explosions, and natural disasters like hail and floods. 

Additionally, comprehensive insurance covers liability to third parties following an accident. The KIZ motor insurance is the most fully loaded car insurance package available . Be sure to select the right car insurance policy for you from our motor insurance packages

Motor Insurance

You are in safe hands in every situation. Find the insurance coverage that suits you. 


Insure your private car or your family vehicles. Policies are available for individuals and companies to insure their vehicles against comprehensive, third-party fire & theft, or third-party only risks.


Insure company-owned vehicles for private or commercial use, and special industrial vehicles.

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Motor Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Cover

You are in safe hands in every situation. Find the insurance coverage that suits you. We can advise you: no charge, no obligation.

KIZ provide coverage to protect you in case your insured vehicle suffers any loss or damage. This coverage includes situations like theft, collisions, hijacking, hail, storms, fire, lightning, explosions, and both malicious or accidental damage. We also cover any liabilities you may have towards third parties in these situations. Once any of these events occur, our coverage becomes active and we will reimburse you accordingly.


Enjoy these benefits as part of our insurance coverage; ensuring your peace of mind and protection on the road.

Towing & Storage

If your insured vehicle is damaged or lost due to any covered event, we will arrange for its towing and secure storage, excluding car battery failure.

Breakdown Assistance

In case your insured vehicle breaks down, we will cover the cost of automated taxi-hailing services to transport you from the accident scene to your home. Accepted services include Ulendo, Yango, Dial a cab, and similar providers.

Personal Effects

If any property belonging to you, a household member, or under your control is damaged while in the vehicle or on a caravan or trailer attached to the vehicle, we will provide coverage for the cost of repairs or replacement. Please note that cash, jewelry, livestock, or domestic animals are not included in this coverage (limited to the amount specified in the schedule).

Personal Accident

We will reimburse medical expenses incurred by any passenger in the car following a claimable event. The maximum amount for each incident is indicated in your schedule. This coverage also extends to funeral expenses, permanent disability, PTSD therapy costs, and physiotherapy/rehabilitation costs up to their respective limits mentioned in the schedule.

Car Hire

We offer the option of hiring an alternative vehicle (as specified in your motor schedule) if your insured vehicle is unavailable or undergoing repairs.

Emergency Repairs

If you have a valid claim for your vehicle under this section, you can authorize emergency repairs without seeking prior approval from us. Once the repairs are completed, submit a detailed invoice to us for reimbursement. The coverage amount is limited as per the policy schedule and subject to the excess.

Locks & Keys

Our regular vehicle coverage includes the replacement of lost or stolen keys, locks, and remote control units. However, damage to car keys not resulting from a covered event is not covered. You can specify vehicle keys as accessories to benefit from a lower excess.

Liability Limits

Our policy covers third-party liability limits as specified in your motor schedule, providing you with peace of mind in case of any liabilities you may have towards others.

Vehicles Insured

Private Use

This usage type is applicable to vehicles owned by a business that identify as sedans, light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, SUVs and any vehicle type with a GVM of less than 2 tons.

Commercial Use

This usage type is applicable to vehicles owned by a business and that identify as heavy trucks, trailers, buses, or any vehicle type with a GVM above 2 tons.

Special Types

This usage type is applicable to vehicles owned by a business and that identify as ambulances, enhanced performance vehicles, forklifts and any other vehicle of special use but excluding yellow machines.

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